13 June 2010

All Work and no play...

...makes Lara really tired, and quite irritable.
Since I got this blessing of a job, I've been pooped. Yes, I have put my hand up, shouting "me me me" when it comes to overtime. I'm mentally drooling over my pay-check which is due in 5 days, while dissecting it into sizeable chunks to do me for a month until I get my next one.
Thankfully today I have no given myself a weeks rest before I put myself up for a few more hours. This week is about me getting some rest.
Tomorrow I am going to spend about a tenner in Primark (They practically pay me to spend money there), followed by college, where I'm going to badger someone to dye my hair for me. While trying to put off doing any work last session, I decided my new hair colour, which will be accompanied by highlights for the summer (but they will come next week, It'll give my hair a good week's rest too before I force it and some peroxide to tango).
Tonight, I have finally got around to painting my toenails; it's time I start making my tootsies look nice for onlookers when I wear some sandals. Although missing part of one of my toe-nails (urgh; don't ask).
It feels like it's been a long time since I got home (a month and a half is long time in homebird years). Starting to crave daily 2 minute chats with my little bro on the phone. Usually consists of what he ate, what he is going to do, then him declaring there is a badger...
There is no Badger

It's funny, trust me.

Oh talking of siblings, I have a new little bro/sis on the way; super excited! Due around January; so good excuse to stay longer over Christmas! :)

It's rather sad that it's 10:08pm, and I'm already considering going to bed. People take the life out of me. I'm so utterly sick of customers being really stupid and awkward around me. It's truly not too hard to crack a smile at me, say hi, and thank me! It may only be a job, but I am human. It's the mixture of the children and old ladies that make the day a little easier. The old woman talk nonsense in my ear, say something adorable, then scuttle off to the bus with their passes and boiled sweets; then the children trying to be like big people, paying with money. They look so satisfied with themselves with even being able to reach the counter in the first place.
But if another customer picks up an item and throws it down, or snatches something off me, I may just scream over the tannoy at them and then punch them in the face....
So please, next time you're in Primark, be tidy, or you may end up with a missing tooth and a new found fear of sales assistants.

I finally figured out why a lot of Asians may be very small... by the time they finish eating with their chopsticks, they have lost all the calories they are eating. It's tiring. I feel like leaving food in the bowl due to the lack of energy I have to continually eat 3 grains of rice at a time. Me and lover boy finally got around to going to a Japanese restaurant we had heard many good things about. Delicious AND cheap. But if your starving, well bring your own fork, it's going to take you a while to shut the rumbles in your tummy up at that rate.

Oh god, I forgot the washing in the machine; it's gonna smell of old man urine if I leave it any longer. Our washing machine has a good talent of making nice things smell shit if you don't get them into the dryer in time...urgh...

Toodleoo until sometime..

Lara x&&o