26 May 2010

The sun will come out tomorrow...

...or at least with a few clouds covering it, playing peekaboo. I love this glorious weather, yesterday I spent 2 1/2 hours just lying on the beach; I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at one stage it was that nice! But don't worry, I applied factor 15 before I left the house!
When the sun is out, I feel a good sense of cheer; releases happy hormones! The possibility of BBQ's, tans, and having an excuse to wear skirts, shorts and sandals just gets me into an excited frenzy.
I'm looking forward to this summer. Plans so far are having a few friends over, nice dinners, copious grilled meat, tanning, birthday parties and a newly planned trip to London!
Thought it is a reasonable idea; since I'm not getting away anywhere where factor 50 should be the minimum, I'm going to do the touristy London experience. Lover boy and I going to the museums, Madame Tussaud's,and the London Dungeons, not to mention a fancy dinner, maybe a cream tea if I'm lucky. Try and fit in as much as I can into 2 days. I'm excited. And It's even better that I can probably no doubtingly afford it now too.
I have a job!! Hallelujah! I got the interview last Wednesday, and offered it on the same day, and the training started on the Thursday. Pretty cool! So I'm taking on as much overtime as I can, so I can have a summer were I don't have to pause and think "Hey...if I get this, does it mean I have to starve myself for a day??".

I only have 3 weeks of College left, and I have officially received my certificate that I have passed my Level 1!! So it means I'm qualified to wash and blow dry your hair...oh and that I'm not a massive Liability around the shop floor. Haha.
I'm applying tomorrow to do a short course in ear piercing, first they give me scissors, now I'll get a gun! Someone must trust me...

Poor Eddie isn't looking too well. Moved him to a sauce pan through the week, our equivalent to a care home for fish. To let him pass on without Beyonce being all in his face. But maybe he is a really good mime, but once second he is dead, one second he is flipping about. I personally think he is just acting, but I can't think of why, it's not like I'm forcing him to go to school...

Our house is currently over ran by insects; while I was at Asda last night, my huni bean removed 4 spiders from the house. I have vacuumed up so many woodlouse. And not to mention stood on a slug that was one of many lurking in the bathroom. Digusting.
I know alot of people could call this little house a disaster; but I'm a little nervous of moving out of it, due to the idea that we could easily move into somewhere much much worse. And I HATE house hunting. Going around getting viewings, then having to hear someone spout obvious lies to you about how "Roomy" somewhere is (Roomy for you to fit your stuff in, but not to be able to move around it when you put it in), or "the neutral shading" (Yeah, but I'm pretty sure that's meant to be a neutral cream colour, not a a light brown...) or even "The great close amenities like shops etc" (ie. You have nothing good to say about the inside, so talk about the great outside which is only going to make me want to sleep on the street instead of inside this dump). I feel like I should just tell the boys to look, but then the house wouldn't accommodate me, only their need to make loud noises.

By the way, if you ever fancy some cheap dark chocolate, eat Asda own brand...26p...it's really nice.

Toodle pip for now
Love Larakins.


11 May 2010

I'm sorry I went away...

...Did I scare you?
I know, bad bad, terrible terrible person. Don't dare leave the blog alone again, it'll hurt itself!!
Guess what? I'm back in Brighton. And for the 5th..6th...day in a row, I'm sitting on the sofa bored out of my mind! The weather was lovely when I was away, and now It's dreary and dismal. No money to do anything. So I have caught up on so many T.v. programmes, and even found a new one to obsess over; Modern Family. If you can, watch it. Brilliant!
While sitting on my ass again, I'm watching my lover boy get irritated by the second over mumbo-jumbo paper and finance sheets. All this stupid bullshit has just revolved around us since I got back. Sorting money, Applying for jobs. All that crap. That was the beautiful thing of being back home, I could push the all the grown up thoughts to the side and just spend my pocket money on sweets, and fun stuff without any bad karma hitting me upside the head.
As far as I am aware, at this point, next year I shall be living with 4 males. It technically means I can get as hormonal as I want JUST to equal out and bring more feminine vibes to the house. Brilliant excuse. I'll be the house mother. Although they can bugger off if any of them think I will do any more than cook occasionally, bake once in a while, or moan when they haven't aimed correctly in the bathroom.

Talking of delicious baking, I made an apple crumble the other night. Thought to myself, "What am I to do with several apples that look super lonely and slightly decaying from that fruit bowl?". So I made a delicious crumble. One of the best parts is the smell that comes from the oven. The warm wafting current of cinnamon and apple in the air. Super homely! Shame I'm the only one appreciating my cooking skills. You would all be undeniably impressed.

My scars on the back of my leg aren't looking too bad. Still tiny bit of bruising, but nothing a tan can't fix! The new incision that was made to my leg last week isn't looking perhaps like anything I had hoped, but the lump is out and I'll happily trade a scar for it anyday. I went on Wednesday (I mean more that I trekked over Brighton) to the hospital to get my stitches out, and during the getting them out bit, the guy kept saying...
You really should have left these in a bit longer...it's looking a bit gapy now.

Well tell me this mister nurse man...should you not have stopped and told me to come back? So instead of a small 2 inch long line, I have a centimetre wide scar on my leg. Well, currently healing, not technically a scab yet.
I just wish the sun would come out, and brown me up!

So after lots of weeks off, I got back to Tech yesterday. And goodness me, alot had changed. A few had left, we have now started our second year, and we NOW work on proper clients! Ahhh. It is truly scary. But I decided to just jump in and start. It paid off, in more than one ways. I did the root tint successfully, AND I got a tip! Woo. A pound! Which believe it or not, I'm saving up. I'm super happy with it.
Oh, and I found out, that from the hair show, I came 5th in my group of 30. YAY!

I feel like having a good cup of tea.

Oh, got a new goldfish. Her name is Beyonce; we had received some sort of joke/prank/rumour text the night we got her, saying that the real Beyonce had died, so after looking allllll round the internet to find the truth, the fish was named Beyonce. It has a big bottom. So It works quite well.

I'm off to put the kettle on.

Good night :)