13 April 2010

Typical Me...

I start something, then abandon it as soon as I have other things to do. Honestly, where are my priorities?
Although I'll proclaim this blog is something to be done when not in my hometown, as then I have things to do, people to see, actually get out of the house and not sit online needlessly for hours.
But as I find myself, sitting downstairs with a dog snoring, and my 3rd cup of tea completely empty beside me, I thought since it's been about 13 days since I have wrote one of these, that it's my duty before it becomes stale and irretrievable on starting back on.
So, a leggy update. I'm a hell of alot better. The past 13 days have consisted of alot of..
and other various noises while shifting my bottom off the seat that I had been sitting in for several hours. Stiff, sore, slightly cramped leg has not been my friend. The night I had to get the stitches off was not a proud moment for me. Sobbing in the bath, too scared to look at my own leg for fear that I may projectile vomit over myself. Disgusting. Such a poof to pain!
I was a big girl the next day, and I just sucked it up. Not a single tear. And Since that day it's been constant improvements. Walking is no small feat now, and I have accomplished the art of driving again. A small limp remains, along with a few dried scabs and bruising, but nothing the next 2 weeks and 5 days will not overcome!
After 3 weeks, I shaved the bottoms half of my legs, what a sight! I was beginning to look like some tree woman. Urgh.

It's been hectic the past week; dinners, lunches, bowling, meeting and greeting! hah. Just general good banter, and lots of catching up!
I'm trying to fill the next few weeks up with plenty to good photo opportunities, and many a good clothing bargin before I go back to the land of no money and have to do some job hunting.
I'm hoping some sunshine will come my way on Thursday, so me and my small brother can venture into the Zoo. It may take a few hours of hiking around, with both of us sitting in a buggy riding down the hills (HAHA), and if I get fed up, the penguins could get a new member to their pack ( I think he would be the same height, fit right in). But I can't wait!
I feel slight guilt of course that my beloved is stuck in the house with nothing to do; but I'm sure if I take him to the sealife centre to see the fish when I'm back, and make a nice dinner, it can make up for it :)

Well TaTa for now. I promise I won't abandon thee for long!

Lara x&&o

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