30 March 2010

Hobbling along...

Done and dusted, or should I say done and wrapped up in bandages/support stocking.
After a weekend of catching up with the girls, and a lovely dinner, I endured the vascular surgery I had been looking forward to for ages.
Up at the crack of dawn on Monday to the hospital. I was mentally prepared, until they wheeled me into the operating theatre where I shook like there was an earthquake happening. I have a massive bruise on my arm from the blood thinning injection, and a kiddies plaster over where they stuck in that butterfly clip thing for the nice fluid stuff. And to be honest, that was one of the worst things. I hated having that tubing stuck in my hand; it's so painful. and Even if someone knocks it, it stings for ages. I was close to passing out when they took it out of my hand before I left at the end of the day.
I can't remember anything, like usually you can remember when they are about to put in the stuff to make you sleep (all this medical jargon I'm using! HAH) Last time they put that mask on me and made me count back from 5, last thing I can remember was the man sticking some stuff into the butterfly clip saying "Just giving you something to relax". I woke up just after they pulled that tubing that helps you breathe; which has now made my throat feel all horrible and scratchy.
I was fine afterwards for a while, but then my blood pressure went quite low, meaning they had to put my bed at some crazy angle, put the breathing mask on my face, have me hooked up to loads of monitors, and have the drip back in my hand. Oh, plus drink LOADS of water. I could feel it sloshing inside me for ages.

A few hours later and they got me onto my feet, I had already told the nurses I was a serial wuss, and complain at any type of pain. So their method of helping me was telling me to "Man up". Yes I did not have my leg amputated, or chewed or anything as bad, but everything was still raw from having my leg sliced into, but nooooo, "WALK PROPERLY" is all I heard. How impossible when it hurts, you feel dizzy and tired, and they have put so much bandaging on your leg that its impossible to bend.

I hobbled back home, up the stairs, down the stairs. Lying comfortably is still a problem without touching the bruising on the back of my leg. But having a shower was real fun. One leg out of the bath, one in, balancing act indeed.
I got all the bandaging changed to a beautiful white stocking yesterday, which was horrible. The nurse was nicer to me though; but now because it's all looser, I can feel the bruising more...it's creepy!

Still shuffling about and stuck in the house for a few days. But looking forward to tomorrow; Getting to see Lesley! YAY!

Until then I'm catching up on watching America's Next Top Model; it's a fabulous show!!

Ah until I get some creative words flowing, I'll talk to you then :)

Kisses with coldsores from Lara x&&o

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