22 March 2010

All By Myself...

You would think with me having lived 18 years of being an only child, that I would have got used to doing things or being alone etc. But no. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Yes, it has only been 12 hours since my beloved abandoned me to go fly home for his easter trip home, and yes, I may have only been awake for 4 hours. But I already know I don't like it.
Waking up alone, Buying food shopping for yourself for the next 4 days, washing up, and having to make my own cups of tea is horrible. I can easily say I never want to be a lonely spinster. God, even a cat right now would be quite nice to have around!
Although Eddie (the fish) has to spend most of his time alone, so now I can sympathise with him, and we could even eat dinner together!
I can't be angry with my lovely though, his 2nd time home, unlike this trip on Friday which will be my 5th. And he did buy me a book yesterday to keep me amused while I'm alone. As he put it
"It's a little present to make you feel a bit better about yourself."
... The theme/story of the book...its a memoir of a lady helping kids who were abused. A feel good book. Obviously.
I do enjoy books like this though. As sick as it sounds when you tell someone "Ohhh, my favourite style of books?? Oh, sad stories..you know...child abuse, beatings!" Makes me sound pretty sadistic. But I don't mean it like that at all, I just like reading them; knowing about other people's way of life, and how they overcome it. And stuff like that!

So I hear you ask, what am I going to do with myself for the next few days? I'll tell you! Not much.
I do however have the Hair show coming up on Thursday, that's the only thing that's really keeping me here until Friday. Tomorrow is the rehearsal; walking down the catwalk and that bullocks. Thursday is the official show. The theme is 'Cirque De Glamour"...and although I have props, a model and some extra hair...I don't know what I'm doing. To be simple, I'm planning to wing it. Simple. I've found with myself that when I do that, it turns out great, but I can never repeat what I did, because it was generally, a fluke!
I'm quite excited, It's gonna be an exciting rush, a good laugh with the rest of the girls. AND it's a chance to wear something new. It's quite sad that that's the first thing I did when I was planning it. I got myself a new outfit :) To justify it, I do have to walk down the catwalk too, and I might as well look professional!

Tonight, I am going to read some of my book, eat goujons and chips, and listen to some more acoustic covers. I feel quite partial to a bit of an acoustic cover these days, here's a little treat for your ears to prove my point; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gVxRvNfFLg

Enjoy & Night nights from me & Eddie.


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