27 March 2010

Bout ye...

HOME! Currently lying on the comfort of my own bed. How lovely. I am thankful that part of this week is now behind me, and that I have so much to do over here, people to see, body parts to be cut open etc.

SO yeah, Wednesday night, I was just chillin' in my crib, when I realised I was. ALONE. No loverboy, No roommates, everyone except Eddie had left me (Although when encased in a bowl, He doesn't have much choice in the matter). And I had complained earlier that being without your other half in a different country is, well horrible, but being left alone, in a flat, in a different country, without being told; is torture :(
Needless to say I was a wreck, constantly;
What was that noise?
I hated it. Overly aware of security, People following me and all that bullshit. Sure you can all say " How nice to have the house to yourself!". But I always prefer to have a slight buzz of motion from another person surrounding me, makes me feel more at ease incase someone breaks in and stabs me for some pasta and a flat screen tv.
Two days of it, and I survived; although stress levels reached critical as did paranoia.

Thankfully to break up the last day of me being alone was the hair show. From 11 til 9 at night I was swamped in hairspray fumes and glitter. Great fun. Such a rush, although panic set in when I realised one of my earlier ideas was impossible, but backcombing saved the day and this was my end result...

I'm really happy with the way it went; although after looking at the rest of the entries I probably could have pushed the boundaries somewhat. So after all the kerfuffle of getting ready, and taking ages to go and wait to go on stage, it all happened in a blur. And it was really fun :)
Didn't win, although I knew heart of hearts that I wasn't going to, such high competition! Though I would like to state the unfairness of the winner of our category since her hair was just a wig. Not exactly pro styling when you bought it that way. Cheater.
Not that I'm bitter.

So after the show, it was back to the empty flat, feel a bit lonely over some super noodles, pack my bag and sleep.
Funny thing; bit hard to sleep after hearing loads of spooky noises, and having a poster fall on your head in the dark in the middle of your slumber!

I hate travelling. I hate the waiting around. The document handing over. The packing. All that bullshit. But I'm fairly happy that it went without any bumps today, and flew in ( HAHA ).
Made a slight tit of myself at the airport though. I was trying my best to pack and make sure I wasn't over 20kgs; as most of the time I am over and have to quickly shove some stuff in my hand luggage so I don't have to pay extra. So obviously when I got to the desk to check in, they might not have appreciated me getting all giddy and smiley when the scales go to 19.7kg. AH HA. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Don't think the checkout woman must have ever been in my position to understand. Obviously.

So flight, ya da ya da ya da, land, and I meet my mother; very happy to see me, and likewise for me seeing her. And it obviously was meant to be that I flew back on this day...They were giving free Tayto crisps to arrivals. How marvellous. They decide to greet me back into my homeland by giving me my favourite snack of all time. It was a sign!

The rest of the day was seeing the rest of my family and experiencing Indian food. Delicious. The rice was much better than what you get in a chinese. Full. And my favourite of the whole night was Rogan Josh. Just lovely!

So I'm off to kip now, to then go be reunited with my loverboy :)

I'm gonna head. Taataa for now!

Lara xx

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